Gems Of The World

We are owners, designers, makers, and personal importers of all of our gems. We are second and third generation jewelers and certified gemologist appraisers from the pristine Gemologists of America.

What differentiates us from fellow jewelers is that our gems are imported, designed, and made as a one of kind piece by us. Unlike many Jewelers, we do not source our gems from wholesalers meaning you will never find the same piece anywhere else, or the price.

We pride ourselves on our wide range of services that span modern, vintage, custom jewelry, including our own creations. We’re confident that we can create that perfect gift for you. Marina Jewelers looks forward to becoming your trusted jeweler soon.

Our Values


Clients trust Marina Jewelers to give it to them straight, from diamond quality to design ideas. No sales pressure, just facts.


Marina Jewelers has earned a reputation for excellence among celebrities, influencers and politicians because he delivers.


Regardless of budget, each custom engagement ring is created with the same intricate detail, care and professionalism.